Sunday, September 6, 2009

Expansion of M$'s Evil Empire!

So Bing seeks to unseat the all powerful Google from the Web. No, it's not enough that old Bill lives in a 150 million dollar "lake-titty-cocka" resort, Oh No, he needs more of our money! -- this is even more bombastic than the tip jar at StarBucks (*puke*)

Heres the Forbes Article

OK!, Bing gained a one percent market share after a whirlwind marketing scheme that set M$ back $100 million USD. When is the last time anybody saw a Google commercial... anyone?

So as postulated by "Forbes", M$ has jumped from a whopping 7.2% share to an astronomical 8.2% share. Oh dear!, I can't imagine the chaos at Google-Plex right now! ..."Chicken Little" paints an interesting picture however...!

And now "Mark-phony-baloney-Mahaney" projects that Bing will get 20 percent market share. I find that hard to believe, although, the brainwashed masses can be easily intrigued by pretty pictures and marketing FUD.

But seriously folks:
Believe me!, the last thing the world needs is M$'s corrupting influence on the web. With a monopoly on software *and* browsing, it's over people! Google is the only force between the "enlightened few" and the evil empire of M$.

This is our last stand, double or nothing! We cannot let M$ win this war!

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