Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carpentry 101: How *Not* to Frame a Door!

The following is esoteric, so everybody may not understand the meaning ;)

The Picture above is a prime example of poor knowledge in the Construction and Building codes of the USA. It was created by a designer who obviously does not understand what he is doing -- "looked good on paper though!" *sarcasm*

If you click on the picture you will see how my annotations point out the horrible errors in this supposedly "informed" designers plan. Yes apparently he was sleeping the day they taught framing basics ;)

Carpenters little helper
Below is a nail pattern jpg for 12.00 per hour "millwork" carpenters ;). Just have it printed out on a huge piece of paper at your local Kinko's. Good for plywood sheets and drywall.... Usage directions follow *lol*

1. Carefully cut out each little screw hole
2. Place the pattern on your sheet
3. Mark each location with a pencil
4. Remove the pattern and nailer' up
5. Repeat as necessary

...I'm just having too much fun aren't I? :D

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