Sunday, September 6, 2009

Comming Soon... "A Failure to Communicate!"

I will be presenting to all of you the secrets i have uncovered whilst pondering the origins of Unicode. And in doing so, I shall empower you with the knowledge of Unicode's complete "moronicity" and more importantly, *how* Unicode is just the symptom of an even greater worldwide problem... multiplicity.

...oh yes, very exciting subject folks. So stay tuned!

PS: Even if you don't know what "Unicode" is, or even care for that matter, you need to read this upcomming informative article since the *main* subject "multiplicity" affects every single Human being on this planet in adverse ways, not only in the lack of interpersonal communications, but also to the detriment of our evolutionary future as intelligent lifeforms!

Here's a little teaser...

M$ Windows Needs an Eniema!

The following is my assessment of the windows platform primarily focused on Vista but related back to even windows 2000.

I find the Windows OS is filled to the rafters with useless cruft, bloatwares, spamwares, annoywares, security flaws, etc, etc. Every piece of useless software that i list below has an open source cousin that is more user friendly, less buggy, less bloated, and allows me to customize the software as i see fit!

I feel the Windows OS needs an Eniema and here is the evidence that formed these conclusions...

Useless Packaged software
Windows Mail:
--virus magnet & backdoor: use gmail
Internet Exploder:
--virus magnet & frontdoor: use Chrome
Windows Calendar:
--only slightly useful
Windows Media Player:
--complete bloatware crap!
Windows Media Center:
--bloatware *built* on bloatware
Windows Sync Center:
--what a joke!
Windows Problems and Solutions:
--just annoyware!
Windows Movie Maker:
--yea, for kids and housewife's!
Windows Photo Galley:
--only slightly useful.
Windows Update:
--well i don't like hosting viruses so...?
My meeting place:
--worthless spamware junk!
Windows Games:

Useless Accessories
--POS, use the python shell instead
--what else ya gonna use?
--what a useless POS, only one undo? COME ON!
--are you joking M$? -- glorified etch-a-sketch!
--yes i love wasting memory just to see an analog clock!
Sound Recorder:
--only very slightly useful, needs more functionality
--no thanks, Open Office will suffice!
Charactor Map:
--only slightly useful
--agonizingly slow
Disk Cleanup:
--obviously made for morons!
Internet Explorer(no add-ons):
--polish a turd, it's still a turd!
Windows Experience index:
--useless bloat
Computer Management:
--horrible UI
Task Manager:
--the worst UI i have ever used! (Vista)
Windows Help:
--maybe for complete morons!

Dangerous and annoying services
and settings from the factory
Remote Registry
--completely moronic!
Remote Assistance
--only slightly less moronic
Hide Known Filetypes:
--no thanks i like to see them!
--what a nagging POS annoyware!
Menus are hidden in Exploder
--stuipid factory setting!
Ready Boost:
Internet Connection Sharing
--ahh yes, bring on the hackers
NET Tcp port sharing
Secondary Logon
Terminal Services
Windows BackUp
Windows Remote Managment
Routing and Remote Access
All Peer Services
All Windows MC/MP network services

Useless Misc Bloat
Desktop backgrounds:
--crap! use a solid color -- black is my fav!
Screen savers:
--crap! ooh...look at the pretty colors!
Windows Transparency:
--crap! vanity run amuck!
--crap! adolescent accessorizing!

System restore is a joke and complete waste of HD space even if you have TB's to spare! Actually i can do without almost every piece of built-in software on this stinking windows platform.

Oh M$, please release a striped down version of Windows with nothing except for the basic system and the Command Prompt, and you can keep the rest of it!

Microsoft's whole system of security is a joke as evidenced by the plagues of virus infestation we experience. Windows ships with back doors wide open just begging for an infection! And i am so tired of MB's and MB's of patches to download every month.

Sadly most of these built in memory robbing, hard space eating, annoying POS bloatwares/annoywares can not be uninstalled!

The only advancement (if you could call it that) with Vista is the search from start menu is much better than the previous "puppy dog" search of XP. Short of that, Vista is just lipstick on a pig!

Thanks M$ for bending us over yet again!

Expansion of M$'s Evil Empire!

So Bing seeks to unseat the all powerful Google from the Web. No, it's not enough that old Bill lives in a 150 million dollar "lake-titty-cocka" resort, Oh No, he needs more of our money! -- this is even more bombastic than the tip jar at StarBucks (*puke*)

Heres the Forbes Article

OK!, Bing gained a one percent market share after a whirlwind marketing scheme that set M$ back $100 million USD. When is the last time anybody saw a Google commercial... anyone?

So as postulated by "Forbes", M$ has jumped from a whopping 7.2% share to an astronomical 8.2% share. Oh dear!, I can't imagine the chaos at Google-Plex right now! ..."Chicken Little" paints an interesting picture however...!

And now "Mark-phony-baloney-Mahaney" projects that Bing will get 20 percent market share. I find that hard to believe, although, the brainwashed masses can be easily intrigued by pretty pictures and marketing FUD.

But seriously folks:
Believe me!, the last thing the world needs is M$'s corrupting influence on the web. With a monopoly on software *and* browsing, it's over people! Google is the only force between the "enlightened few" and the evil empire of M$.

This is our last stand, double or nothing! We cannot let M$ win this war!

Carpentry 101: How *Not* to Frame a Door!

The following is esoteric, so everybody may not understand the meaning ;)

The Picture above is a prime example of poor knowledge in the Construction and Building codes of the USA. It was created by a designer who obviously does not understand what he is doing -- "looked good on paper though!" *sarcasm*

If you click on the picture you will see how my annotations point out the horrible errors in this supposedly "informed" designers plan. Yes apparently he was sleeping the day they taught framing basics ;)

Carpenters little helper
Below is a nail pattern jpg for 12.00 per hour "millwork" carpenters ;). Just have it printed out on a huge piece of paper at your local Kinko's. Good for plywood sheets and drywall.... Usage directions follow *lol*

1. Carefully cut out each little screw hole
2. Place the pattern on your sheet
3. Mark each location with a pencil
4. Remove the pattern and nailer' up
5. Repeat as necessary

...I'm just having too much fun aren't I? :D

JJ's Enlightenment Blog is Born...

>>> print "Hello Blogger!"

Welcome Friends!

This blog is long overdue. I have keep my knowledge secret for far too long. Now, for the sake of all mankind, i have decided to share my wisdoms and rich life experiances with all of you...

No need to thank me, everyone was put on this earth for a reason, so just doing my job really... stay tuned folks!